Know your audience.

how many times my rapport
with a man has
broken into pieces
when the playful exchange of
ribbing coupled with smiles
turns into negging

do these boys not realize
what they are losing
when they forget to
read the room?

all of those pieces are so small
they can’t glue them together

they can’t make them resemble
my lips in motion again

all of those pieces are so small
but not as small as those boys.


I know it is not the fault of every man I know that a rapist is holding the highest office in the land. I know it’s not their fault that I’ve been raped. But I am just too raw to not be angry with them for any interpersonal misstep that can be read as disrespectful right now. Especially if that misstep is or looks like misogyny in action.

But what I am stinging from is not their doing. So I breathe, put the phone down, and write a poem instead.

I didn’t march today. I couldn’t make my personal political today. Maybe next week I will be able to. Just not today.

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