Discover Beautiful Rhode Island

discover beautiful rhode island
discover beautiful roads guided
by the sober voice of Siri in a
cabin full of drunks including
one behind the wheel
all i remember is the feeling
of the pain that led to healing
that led to home below the moonlight
led to clothes off if the time’s right
potential babes kept on my outside
which kept me bleeding at the right time
from my inside

at the wrong time in the
bathroom of the station where
i found you in the places i
would run to in the spaces
that become true when the world
feels like a farce and when
i can no longer see my scars

i ask my friends below the steeple
of the church seen from my window
“where did all the hours go?”
then the minutes of the sunset
reveal the moon and i can watch it
as i consume this pain
that becomes movement

then i’m twirling from the ceiling
i really thought that this was healing
but it’s madness and it’s upset
i can’t find the off switch
pour the vodka down the toilet
it was the nice stuff so i’m salty

and i’m sorry that my rhyme is off

i didn’t do anything wrong
i just wailed and sang my songs

if sinners go to hell
i must be the opposite of them
because if you saw heaven
the way i did
you might not ever
sin again

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