when my story became a line
a tale alive inside the minds
of every man who ever tried to
lay beside me when i cried

just a move they made to slide
inside i swallowed up their pride

they would just disappear in time

when my story read like porn
with every pillow on the floor
with every closing of my door
i was reborn not without scorn
for all the wrong i did before

there was no calm
before that storm

when my story is the truth
but memories are hard to prove

how will i sell my secrets
if i can’t get signed releases
they will maybe make me rich but
they will surely make me sick

so i’ll give them
all new names
it isn’t fun
but it’s a game

the day i am sincere in print
living above the fear of this
i will attach my name to it

i will fuck the edge off Shame
this isn’t fun but it’s a game
that i am well prepared to play
i promise to explain
it on that day

when i am brave

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