Other women

there are other women who can sleep so soundly
who do not feel abandoned so easily
by sloppy emotional carelessness that is
by now to be expected

there are other women who can agree
to just talk about it tomorrow
who do not have a blade carving out their hurt place
to display it on a silver platter
as if their bellies were Thanksgiving turkeys

there are other women
i wonder often what it
must be like to date them

are they able to thread the
needle and stitch themselves?
do they make room for sloppy
carelessness from men?
do they know how to work with it?

are they able to endure so much
and possess such strength
but not at the expense of their love? 
or their kindness?

are they able to bear the tears of men? 
or are they revolted by them?

maybe you’ll be able to tell me someday
or maybe this time you will stay
and i will never have the answers

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