To be in love in Brooklyn

please tell me all about
the availability of rooms
for rent in Brooklyn
as I ponder selling half
of what I own for a studio
in East Flatbush

possibly I am still young
enough to trade my peace
for a good story
nobody needs my peace but me
for now
and I can live without it
for the moment

I need the story
more these days

so long as my goodwill does not
become my currency in Bushwick
to exchange for safety in Bed-Stuy
so long as my ambition does not
drown in aspirational Brooklyn Heights
so long as my hope does not
get lost somewhere on Nostrand Avenue

I can see myself there with just
my nicest things and my hardest self

possibly I’ll see you at the party
to celebrate my return to New York
that I hope with the hope I did not
lose on Nostrand Ave. just yet

will be with just you
in a tiny room
with sweetness
and goodwill I
will offer you
exactly what I
came with on this bed
that I came with

please do not tell me
all about the availability
of love for rent in Brooklyn

I am only looking to buy
these days

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