“One thing is certain, all the people who have claimed to love you have come in and out of your life but the only person who has always been there for you is me. For the life of me, I don’t know why I keep trying.”

one thing is certain
all the people
who have claimed to love me
come in and out of my life
but the only person who has
never been there for me properly
is her
for the life of me
i don’t know why she didn’t
start trying sooner

for the life of me
i’m glad she stopped trying


love is a slice of frozen orange
i twirl around the inside of my mouth
i can’t
the shape
of the syllables
even when i should be distracted
by this man inside my body but
inside my mouth
are these words that get warmer
as they stay
still or
as they sway

if i don’t say them
will i swallow them?
how will he know?

will he be able to tell
by the way my mouth looks
when i swallow the slice

when the letters
don’t matter anymore?

To be in love in Brooklyn

please tell me all about
the availability of rooms
for rent in Brooklyn
as I ponder selling half
of what I own for a studio
in East Flatbush

possibly I am still young
enough to trade my peace
for a good story
nobody needs my peace but me
for now
and I can live without it
for the moment

I need the story
more these days

so long as my goodwill does not
become my currency in Bushwick
to exchange for safety in Bed-Stuy
so long as my ambition does not
drown in aspirational Brooklyn Heights
so long as my hope does not
get lost somewhere on Nostrand Avenue

I can see myself there with just
my nicest things and my hardest self

possibly I’ll see you at the party
to celebrate my return to New York
that I hope with the hope I did not
lose on Nostrand Ave. just yet

will be with just you
in a tiny room
with sweetness
and goodwill I
will offer you
exactly what I
came with on this bed
that I came with

please do not tell me
all about the availability
of love for rent in Brooklyn

I am only looking to buy
these days