Playing for Keeps

the depression
left in this bed when they leave
the impressions
staining the duvet when they go
the smell
left behind in my sheets
when they’re gone

are all mine to keep

the rest they take with them

and I replace it all with
my imagination
which is smarter and sweeter
than the pieces they left with

I heard something in the news
about binders full of women but

I’ve got this
Trapper Keeper
full of men

An Ode to All Men

I am
on the bucket list you didn’t know you had
you didn’t know you could want it this bad
living without it would drive a man mad

things that were yelled from car windows
from the throats of some bastards who call themselves
from the bowels of assholes who want to be

you notice it happen
again and again
if you’re a man please
shout back at them

they won’t listen to us
if we won’t be their “friends”